Mumbai FC Set To Shut The Club Down

Mumbai FC Set To Shut The Club Down

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             The Mumbai based top tier football club of India is said to be wiping out its players. The club is seemed to be on its verge of shutting down after releasing all of its players from the squad. Mumbai FC was from the I-League last season after the string of poor performance.

Since then things have not looked good for the club. And now it seems that the club is all set to drop the shutter. Along with the players, Mumbai FC released number of their club officials also.

But still, there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the management yet. But the recent releasing strategy does look like they have closed down.

According to sportskeeda,  the only reason why the club has still not officially made an announcement on this is that they may be looking at the prospect of selling Mumbai FC.

“It might also be about their brand value. Closing down the club will depreciate their brand value quite a bit,” said the source. “So that might be one of the reasons they are holding out on this. If they are looking to sell the club, such a move would not be wise.”

For the past nine seasons, Cooperage Stadium has been the home for Mumbai FC having the iconic Khalid Jamil as the head coach. He was steering the club away from the relegation for nearly seven seasons. However, he changed his plans and departed to Aizawl FC, where he became the first coach to win the I-League with the team from the Northeastern region of the country. And yes!!!, it is the season in which Mumbai FC relegated.

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